Day Passes

Grab a seat, plug in your essentials and get working. Suitable for people who work on an ad hoc basis and on their own time.

PKR 1,500 (10 hours)

PKR 1,000 (5 hours less)

*Exclusive of all taxes

Hot Seats

Monthly access to our open concept seating plan. Suitable for people looking for a permanent address to work at but do not mind flexible seating.

PKR 18,000/month

PKR 17,500/Month

PKR 15,000/month

PKR 15,000/month

*Exclusive of all taxes

Dedicated Workstations

Enjoy the same benefits as a hot seat but with a separate workstation that you can set up the way you want and a dedicated storage space.

PKR 22,000/month

*Exclusive of all taxes

Virtual Offices

Need a business address, an official place to have your mail delivered and a receptionist that can notify you of calls? Customizable if you need physical access to work at one of our facilities as well.

PKR 8,000/Month

PKR 8,000/month

Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing

*Exclusive of all taxes

Small Teams

Private Office Rooms

Furnished private rooms (size depending on requirements) for teams or executives who prefer privacy.

PKR 50,000/month (for two people)

*Exclusive of all taxes

Meeting Rooms

Bookable meeting rooms by the hour to meet your clients for one on one sessions or conduct group conferences.

for 2 – PKR 1,000/hour

PKR 1000/hour

For 8 – PKR 1,700/hour
For 12 – PKR 2,500/hour

For 8
PKR 1,700/hour

For 12
PKR 2,500/hour

*Exclusive of all taxes